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Online catalog shopping for premium aged beef you can’t get at the supermarket

The Tender Filet's online steak catalogs offer premium aged beef, hand-trimmed by expert butchers for the leanest, juiciest cuts, then aged to perfection.

If you've ever had an expensive filet mignon from a fine restaurant, you know how much better it tastes than the steaks you buy at the supermarket. Our steak is aged up to 21 days, making it unbelievably tender and allowing the flavors to develop—something grocery stores and butcher's markets cannot afford to do. Online catalog shopping gives you a direct line to the supplier of these fine steaks.

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Online Catalog Shopping for Premium Aged Beef

Have you ever savored a tender center-cut filet or a Kobe filet from a restaurant and wondered why you can’t find beef this good in a supermarket? It's because the grocery store and butcher shop don’t have the time or storage space to properly age their beef. Aging beef requires a substantial investment in time...but for the serious beef lover, the payoff in flavor is well worth it. We'll even provide you with filet mignon tips and other recipes and cooking instruction from our acclaimed chef.

Catalog Shopping for More than Beef

In addition to our premium aged beef, your catalog shopping experience also includes restaurant-quality entrées like seafood, chicken specialties and Pork Porterhouse, as well as appetizers, side dishes, and desserts that are easy to prepare for an extraordinary home dining experience or to share as gifts. And The Tender Filet is one of the only buy-now, pay-later food catalogs in America...and the only one where you can buy fine foods like these.