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About Us

The Tender Filet by The Swiss Colony, LLC, was founded in 1990 to offer our customers a value-packed alternative: premium aged beef that can’t be found in grocery stores, but at a far better price than you’d pay at a steakhouse. And that’s just the tip of the tenderloin.

We combine that great beef with hand-cut pork, comforting roasts, plump, marinated chicken breasts and family-friendly fish in assortments that let you buy in quantity and save, like at the discount clubs. We package these fine foods in dry ice and ship them directly to your door for the ultimate convenience. Plus, we offer an easy credit plan that lets you stay on budget with low monthly payments.

Whether you want a truly impressive meal for a special occasion or you simply want to fill your freezer with easy, delicious meals for your family, The Tender Filet is the solution to your dinner needs.

Our main office is located at:

The Tender Filet
1112 7th Ave.
Monroe, WI 53566-1364

Welcome to Tender Filet