Pork & Lamb

The Heartland’s Finest Pork & Lamb, featuring Boneless Stuffed Pork Chops


The Heartland’s Finest Pork & Lamb

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The Heartland's Finest Pork & Lamb

Here in the Midwest, we love our pork and bacon…just as prized cuts of lamb are favorites in Mediterranean and so many other cuisines. At The Tender Filet, our pork and lamb selections are hand-cut, expertly prepared, and worthy of the finest restaurants.

With succulent pork tenderloin, a traditional leg of lamb roast, stuffed pork chops, thick lamb chops, pork porterhouse, deeply satisfying lamb shanks, gourmet specialties like pork osso buco—and, of course, the finest bacon in the Midwest—we bring it all together for fantastic feasting!