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Father’s Day Gift Ideas…for Men of Taste

Gift ideas for men tend to be bland and predictable. Ditch the necktie for Father’s Day gift ideas that show his—and your—good taste.

Two sizzling grilled and seasoned T-bone steaks on a white plate near glasses of ale on a wooden table.

Finding the right Father’s Day gift can be a daunting task. Gift ideas for men tend to run the gamut between manly gear like tools, electronics and outdoor equipment…and, depending on his individual tastes, you might just find a winner among all the hard goods out there. But these gifts can be very subject to personal preferences. Dad can tend to be particular when it comes to his hobbies and gear and, in many cases, if he doesn’t already have it he doesn’t really need it.

Buying clothes, likewise, can be fraught with pitfalls. Unless you’re getting him a piece of apparel from his favorite sports team, this is a tricky proposition. In fact, giving clothes to anyone who isn’t a child is probably not a great idea. And please, don’t even think about getting that necktie or bottle of cologne. Just put it down slowly and walk away.

Moms tend to be easier: while a spa day with manicure, pedicure and other pampering is not every woman’s cup of tea, chances are she’s going to love a pretty bouquet of flowers. Dad? Not so much. However (if we’re allowed to generalize just a little bit more), you may want to consider the old saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Father’s Day Brunch? Um, No…

Mother’s Day brunch is one of the great traditions of Mother’s Day. Not only is it a fun and satisfying way of getting the family together to celebrate Mom on her special day, it’s a welcome break for her. If we may generalize yet again, it’s usually Mom who does the cooking…and Sunday brunch is the perfect time for her to enjoy a great meal—and perhaps a mimosa or glass of bubbly—while others do the work.

Father’s Day, on the other hand, is a different story. While there are certainly Father’s Day brunches out there, they are not as prevalent as the ones for moms. It’s not that dads don’t like to eat; it’s that many dads would rather eat their kind of food. In many cases, that means meat. And there is no better way to cook that meat than spending a gorgeous Sunday in June at the grill. So don’t fret about making Dad work on his special day. It’s not work at all; it’s what he loves to do.

Four center cut New York Strip steaks with a bottle of Gourmet Seasoning in a pan, ready for grilling.

Fire Up Father’s Day

Maybe it’s his innate love of the great outdoors. Maybe it’s the compulsion—sustained through the evolutionary process—to start fire that provides warmth, as well as a signal to neighboring men that something important is happening. All we know is that where there’s fire, there’s smoke…and where there’s smoke, there’s flavor. And it’s not just the smoke that contributes flavor; the Maillard reaction caused by searing on a hot grill creates all kinds of savory molecules. Combined with the smoke, it’s quite an intoxicating combination.

That flavor, of course, makes a wide range of meats better: from chicken to burgers to hot dogs. But on Dad’s special day, there’s really only one appropriate choice: steak. And if you really want to make it a momentous occasion, don’t just buy any steak from the supermarket; get Dad some premium aged beef.

Aged beef is a treat normally found only at fine restaurants…and chances are, it’s not what’s being grilled by the other dads on the block. But since you know where to find it online, you’re set to put together a gift that will make Dad feel like the alpha male of the neighborhood. Here, then, are some gift ideas for men of distinction:

Sizzling Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Grilling Gear: You know Dad’s into tools; maybe his barbecue set could use some sprucing up…especially if he has one of those grill brushes with the steel bristles that have been in the news. (It seems the steel bristles can dislodge onto the grill and transfer to the meat, where it can get into someone’s mouth. Not nice.) Get him a new set including a brush with safe nylon bristles, and pair it with a grand assortment of grillables.

Fan Fare: If Dad’s a sports fan, get him a cap or jersey of his favorite team and some tailgating gear (like a folding chair or a portable grill or cooler). Fill the cooler with some grilling favorites, and he’ll cheer all year long.

Savory Sounds: Recent studies have shown that the right music can enhance the flavors of food. If Dad’s into tunes, get him some of his favorites on CD, or a gift card for downloading his favorites online. (Vinyl’s big again, too, so give him a reason to dust off that old turntable.) Pair that sweet sound with some carefully curated gourmet food for the ultimate Father’s Day dinner experience.

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