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Save Family Mealtime with Quick and Easy Meals and Side Dishes

Be a weeknight dinner hero by serving convenient, quick and easy meals and side dishes that transform dinner prep into extra time with family.

A white bowl of herbed cheesy biscuits placed on a kitchen counter over a red and white linen towel.

You’ve planned and prepped, grocery shopped, printed out and pinned myriad recipes to Pinterest. But, let’s face it, on some nights, getting dinner on the table can be a drag. Ordering takeout can be a drain on the budget, and getting everyone to agree on which fast-food chain can cause a family feud.

Even the Food Network has a show devoted to “Weeknight Shortcuts.” The recipes describe how to get the most out of the meals so you spend less time wondering what the next meal will be.

Pre-Made Can Taste Like Homemade

The next time you sit down to create a meal plan, consider buying frozen, pre-made meals that you can stash in the freezer and re-heat as needed. Granted, you may not have had good luck with frozen grocery convenience foods other than cardboard pizza in the past.

However, your luck is about to change with The Tender Filet. This one-stop-shop puts flavorful meals and crave-worthy side dishes at your fingertips. Food shopping is as simple as browsing mouth-watering food photos and checking out online without leaving home. Expertly prepared main courses and side dishes are delivered right to your front door…and their credit plan lets you fit the meal plan to your budget plan. So start the evening off right after a busy day with effortless meal prep. The stars of the dinner show will be you (for being smart to order restaurant-quality meals to serve at home) and the comfort foods you choose online.

Think about the meals that everyone loves but take a lot of time to prepare: barbecued ribs, roasts…even chicken. Meat of any kind can be tricky to cook, depending on the recipe and how much time you have. With chicken, you don’t want to overcook it—and you certainly don’t want to undercook it—or it will chew like a piece of rubber.

Broccoli, rice and cheese casserole in a white bowl with decorative rim.

Eat Professional Grade

That’s where a professional chef comes into the picture. The better online vendors hire professionals to design their heat-and-serve dishes, and their culinary expertise is the reason that classic dinner entrées like chicken marsala or chicken and dumplings taste so amazing. From comfort food meals to entrées that are excellent for entertaining, there is a heat-and-serve food option for you.

What are the side dishes for chicken that everyone requests? Dutch Crust Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole or velvety Macaroni and Cheese? There are plenty of side-dish options. One of the most popular is the Baked Potato Casserole filled with sour cream, chives, real bacon and Wisconsin Cheddar cheese. Family and friends will be begging for more of this food sensation.

So instead of spending more time grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking, think about all the time you’ll save when you discover a go-to food favorite that will deliver a quick and easy meal for dinner and taste like it came from your favorite restaurant. Take a short cut to delicious and let your oven do the work on a busy night.

The bottom line? Getting a homemade dinner on the table several days a week can be a challenge, but it can be easier with delicious pre-made and chef-designed entrées and comfort food side dishes that taste like homemade.