Meat Thickness 3/8-1/2" is approximate
PreparedCooking Times in Minutes
Very Rare3
Medium Rare4-5
Well DoneNot Recommended

Grilling: Always preheat your grill or let the charcoals acquire a thin coating of white ash and red glow before putting meat on the grill. Because conditions may vary—i.e., meat weight, heat, placement on grill, weather—cooking times will vary. You must keep a close eye on your foods as they cook. Remember, bone-in cuts require longer cooking time than boneless.

Oven Broiling: Always preheat the oven (set oven control to "broil") and use a two-part broiler pan. Place the meat 2-3" away from the heat. Leave the oven door ajar while broiling.

How to tell when "it's done": Push gently with a spoon or the handle (never the tines) of a fork. Rare meat will feel soft; well-done is firmer to the touch. NEVER use a fork to test for doneness! When meat is pierced during cooking, precious natural juices are lost. Use a sturdy pair of kitchen tongs to turn meat or remove it from the grill.