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How to Reverse Sear a Steak

Reverse-seared steak is all the rage these days…but what is it? Learn how to reverse sear rib eye and other thick cuts for the best steak of your life.

Roast on the Grill: Pork, Prime Rib and More

Grilled pork roast? No big deal. Grilled prime rib roast? Easy. If you love grilling, turn off the oven and grill the best roast you’ve ever served!

How to Make BBQ Sauce: Finishing Sauces

Looking for the perfect finishing sauce for chicken, pulled pork or beef? We’ll teach you how to make barbecue sauce that suits your style.

Hot Dog Recipes for National Hot Dog Day

Is a hot dog a sandwich? What do you serve with hot dogs? What’s even in a hot dog? Never fear: we’ve got the answers, plus hot dog recipes…and more!

Grilling in Foil: Salmon, Corn and More

Grilling salmon in foil is a great way to keep it intact and mess-free. While you’re at it, learn about grilling corn and vegetables in foil, too!

Save Family Mealtime with Quick and Easy Meals and Side Dishes

Be a weeknight dinner hero by serving convenient, quick and easy meals and side dishes that transform dinner prep into extra time with family.

Shrimp Recipes: Scampi and More

Shrimp scampi is pretty much everyone’s go-to recipe for America’s most popular seafood…we’ll teach you how to make it and other great shrimp recipes.

Grilling 101: Grill vs. BBQ/Steak Basics

What is the difference between grilling and barbecuing? How do you grill a steak? Get expert grilling tips to help you cook the best steak possible.

Meals on a Budget: Even Steak

Eating on a budget—especially eating well—can be a challenge. But by using frugal recipes and other tips, you can even enjoy steak meals on a budget!

How to Cook a Ham on the Grill

Ham on the grill is something most people haven’t tried. But once you learn how to cook a ham on the grill, you’ll be amazed at how easy and flavorful it is.

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